The target market is Domestic, Europe and Asia (Japan). For hotel project work, we have experience in Indonesia, Asia and Europe. In Asia we work on room furniture for Hotel Club Med in Sahoro Japan.We worked on the interior of a 5 star hotel, Small Luxury Hotel, San Antonio Hotel, Santorini, Greece.For the domestic market we work on several hotel interiors, hospital interiors, university interiors, resort interiors, and restaurant interiors.For non-hotel product export work that we are currently working on, include:

“The Fair Trade Furniture Company” in the United Kingdom (UK). We are supply for a combination of wood, banana and water hyacinth. These products include: chairs, sofas, tables and coffee tables. For products belonging to The Fair Trade Furniture Company, most of the goods are FSC certified. And use FSC Logo Stainless with FSC Code-C031908.”Innovate” in Japan. We supply furniture that combine iron with rosewood. These items include: sofas, coffee tables and dining tables.


Kami telah memiliki customer yang mencakup lebih dari 500 gerai di indonesian.